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“A Model of Integrated Social Services - Replicating Experience”

Increasing efficiency of management system of special social services at the national level through the developing and introduction to the MHSD of amendments to the regulations in this area, including the standard provision of social services, as well as improving the provision of special social services procedures (SSS), through the implementation of integrated SSA (ISSS).Adoption by the GoK the standard of ISSS



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PF “Community Foundation of Enbekshikazakh District’s”

"Farmers of Kazakhstan"

To improve engagement between government agencies and the farming community, financial institutions, market sector and the population, through the automation of information exchange, SMS-billing, and a unified database of 2500 rural districts and more than 50 000 farms on a national scale.

PF "Informational Support of Civil Society Development"

"Quality of Services – Public Monitoring Zone"


To improve the quality of public service provision by identifying ‘hidden’ public services – those services not specifically regulated by law.


PF "Women's Leadership Fund"

 "TEENS – Affordable and High Quality Support"

To prevent suicide among adolescents and youth, using citizens’ participation mechanisms to strengthen government programs

CF "Erekshe Tandau - Shelek"

"Public Services –Available to All" 


To improve access to public services for PWD in rural areas, through increased awareness about legal rights, systemic engagement between civil society organizations and government bodies, and through improved legal literacy among PWD.

PF "Tandau Foundation"

"Accessible Pavlodar"

To increase access to facilities and services for people with disabilities in Pavlodar, through lobbying and active promotion of physical modifications within the city.


PF "Aman-saulyk"

"Scaling of Substitution Maintenance Therapy for the treatment of drug addiction and HIV prevention in Kazakhstan"

Improving access to Drug addiction Treatment and HIV Prevention among Intravenous Drug Users (IDU) in the Republic of Kazakhstan

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