Israeli experts worked with school psychologists in Almaty

GGIF project “TEENS: Accessible and Quality Assistance” hosted a six-day (April 10-15) training course in Almaty to approve a program on upgrading skills of government professionals, working with parents at risk groups.

The training course was the first module in the complex of measures to promote the corresponding program of advanced training at the national level. Both employees of public schools and polyclinics, and representatives of the Education Department of Almaty and the National Center for Advanced Studies "Orleu" took part in the trainings. Trainings were conducted by Israeli experts Gila Petrova and Moti Pikelner.

"This trip is about everything - about cooperation, about unforgettable meetings, about a warm welcome, new acquaintances, and delicious and beautiful experiences! ... And it's about how hard it is to be a school therapist, and even more so, a social educator in 21st century and about thirst for knowledge ... And also about the great hope that the Adler parent groups will thrive not only in Russian but also in Kazakh. Good luck, dear colleagues! ", - said coach Gila Petrova.

Here's a comment of one of the participants of the training, psychologist Natalia Imtosimi: "I've long dreamed about getting to know you personally, and now my dream has come true! I was happy to meet Moti Pikelner. Your cooperation in this program is so natural. You complement each other perfectly. You work with parents, Moti with teenagers, and this is how you look at the problem from two sides. And most importantly, you are passing on something that is already being actively implemented and is successful in your country. Now all we have to do is to apply it here."

It is noteworthy that the training will continue, coaches intend to maintain communication, give advice and recommendations online.

"The world is so big and so small at the same time; I have a feeling that we are close. Get together, get started - and we will connect and be there with you. Keep in touch!", - were the words of Gila Petrova said at the end of the seminar.

According to the study, 82% of Kazakh families don't have access to state-provided affordable high-quality psychological help in the prevention of suicidal behavior among teenagers. This situation is largely due to the lack of qualifications of specialists in this field and the lack of access to advanced training and national experience exchange programs. Meanwhile, according to official statistics, Kazakhstan has the second highest suicide rates in the world among youth and adolescents and among girls. This problem is being solved comprehensively in the framework of TEENS project which is a specialized state program.

The Public Foundation "Women's Leadership Fund" within the framework of the "Good Governance Initiative" program with the support of USAID and the Eurasia Foundation in Central Asia is carrying out the project "TEENS: affordable and high-quality assistance". The purpose of this project is to strengthen the preventive maintenance of state programs for the prevention of suicides among adolescents and youth through civil engagement.



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